Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What's for dinner

OK so I'm talking to petal as we shut our respective shops and she asks "what's for tea?" I tell her and she says "If you don't tell the blogging world what you are going to eat I certainly am. It's disgusting. Your readers need to know what sort of depraved person you are."
So I throw myself open to the court. Personally I think my choice of dinner tonight is really cool and summery, despite Petals thoughts on the subject. So here it is my menu for tonights evening meal:

Baked potato with cheddar cheese on top. (well that's pretty safe)
On top of that a mixture of cottage cheese (yum) with Bananas, strawberries, seedless grapes, raspberries and pineapple. With a dash of Heinz salad cream. It's ends up a pretty pink mixture. But it's absolutely delicious. And very healthy. Low fat plenty of fresh fruit lot's of calcium, fibre, vitamins and vegetarian. Doctor Rob surely would appreciate this one. You see us musicians don't live on fast food all the time. I know Del does. His favourite is a 'bab in nan bread. Which I hate to admit is incredibly nice. My conscience will not let me live on the stuff though. I could eat 'babs everyday, that and pizza. God knows what size I'd be if I did. I would no longer be slim and sveldte. Like a racing snake. So I content myself usually by concocting the most amazing stir fries. My current favourite being diced fried chicken (fried in olive oil with copious amounts of fresh ground black pepper) with leaks, peppers, chestnut mushrooms, spring onions, broccholi, courgettes, finely chopped root ginger then mixed in with egg noodles and a lemon sauce. Oh yes and Sharwoods sweet chilli sauce for that extra bite. It's killer.
So come on criticise me. Petal isn't impressed with my diet. You might as well put the knife in deeper still.

Meanwhile a good friend of mine who was playing away from home, got really pissed and before he passed out started a text to his amour. His wife found him on the settee spark out with his phone still in his hand, so being the loving wife (and she is very lovely) she went to put it on charge for him. In doing so she noticed the half written text totally incriminating him and his nefarious activities. She does her nut and wakes him up to challenge him about it. He's still pissed, but awake enough to know he's been caught. He confesses all. He realises very quickly where he is better off and finishes the relationship there and then. I'm amazed she can forgive him. But then she obviously loves him with all her heart and soul. She deserves better. I can see both sides. I can see his point of view and I can see hers. I'm not going to get involved. I'm going to plead ignorance. It's not my business. I love the guy and I love his wife. they are both such nice people. They've both been such good friends to me. So I don't want to take sides. I hate choosing between my friends when they fall out. I wont take sides. I refuse to take sides. Why should I lose a friend because one of them falls out with the other?

Shit I'm a musician. I don't need this crap. Just let me play. Don't drag me into your politics. I am not interested in making a stand. I'm not about to nail my colours to the mast. I just want to play my music. I just want to entertain you. I am all for the live 8 message, but I consider that to be humanity not politics. Politics seems to be getting in the way of humanity.

George Bush worries me. What is his agenda? What is he thinking? Maybe he should have been a musician. Then he'd know what to do. Then he'd know what is the right thing to do. We should follow our conscience not our politics. People are dieing unnecessarily. This has got to stop. Every human on this earth has a right to live and right to an equal value of their lives. For too long the third world peoples lives have been devalued. They die and we don't give a shit. Now we do. We care. We are all equal under the sun. Their lives are just as important as ours. Their grief at losing a child is just as great as ours. Their hopes are just as valid. They don't want to live on hand outs. They want to live their lives with dignity and hope. I personally wont deny them that.

I'm going to stop now before I get too political.

Rock on dudes


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