Monday, July 11, 2005

Street Fighting

Yesterday evening I was slobbing on my settee exhausted from the days slobbing, when I heard a commotion outside. I leant out the window to witness a crowd of Chavs all dressed in baseball caps and running trousers but all bare chested. There was some pushing and shoving going on with this guy and his wife. The guy was a big guy shaved head and an England shirt, he seemed as if he could look after himself. Suddenly one of the chavs lunged at him and he lost his balance and went down, hard. The big guy smashed his head on a shop window and went out like a light. He lay on the pavement while they kicked him. His wife went to try and stop them and she was belted and went down. She was kicked in the head as she lay on the floor. The chavs kicked them a few more times. People ran to their assistance, others were on phones to call the police. The police didn't arrive. The Chavs en masse squared up to the guys coming to help.
"You want some?" They didn't. They just wanted them to stop kicking those on the floor. Shoulders were squared up, chests puffed out, arms bowed by their sides at the ready. Spewing verbal abuse. They swaggered off. Leaving the guy still unconscious on the floor. He came to a minute later. His wife cried and screamed, shaking uncontrollably. A woman tried to put her arm round her but in her confusion she thought she was still fighting and flayed her arms around. Things quietened down and the crowds dispersed.


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