Friday, November 04, 2005

Unity again

Tonight I was doing my usual stint as photo- grapher for the Unity club in Peterboro. This guy is Moonie. Yes there's a story behind that. People would be always mooning him. Hence the name. Anyway his Band Opaque were brilliant. The lead guitarist, four foot nothing in his stockinged feet, rocked with his fender Telecaster. I was blown away by them. You know I've mentioned about star material. Well this guy has it. Maybe not the rest of the band, who were frankly, visually quite boring.
But before these guys was my mate Rory from South Africa. Actually he was born in Rhodesia. That's my guitar he's playing. Yay! For my guitar. Considering the young crowd at this venue and Rory was playing old covers, he didn't do too badly. You could tell he was /is a professional musician. He had the in between songs patter going on. I was impressed. I had a pint of beer and everytime I turned round I had less beer, and it wasn't me drinking it. I started watching and I caught this girl taking gulps from it every so often. So I had to bend her over my knee. Well you would wouldn't you?
Then up came Irene Rae. She writes her own material and is pretty good. Given the right breaks she could easily make it professionally. She's got personality, confidence and above all talent. I met her first about a month ago and asked her to play at Unity. She could be another KT Tunstall. The crowd went wild over her. You know this Unity club is a great thing. I've seen so much new talent here. I've seen some crap too. But it's new it's real. It's very exciting even for an old duffer like me. But it didn't stop there.
Where would I be without more pictures of Abi?
This is Abi and Richard. Two of the nicest people I know. They finished off the night with a reunion of their band "Within" that split up a month ago A few personel changes but then everyone thought "Within" was Richard and Abi anyway even though they were the last two to join the group.

All these pictures were taken using a Canon EOS350D 8mp. It arrived today and so I have been road testing it. Decent photos in difficult conditions.

Rock on dudes.


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