Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Naked photo shoot

So yesterday I get a phone call from Vanessa. She wanted me to take photos of her for a school project.
"What's the subject?" I ask.
"Nude movement and Action."
"WHAT???" I almost choked on the coffee I was sipping. "You want me to take photos of you in the nude? Does your mother know?"
"Oh yes she told me to phone you."
Well I know her mum is very liberal but there are limits. I didn't want to be arrested, even though Vanessa is over 17 years old.
So I went over with my camera, her parents were there to supervise and her mum fussed over her baby daughter making sure that the simulated naked photo was going to work tucking in exposed bits of clothing behind the guitar. You see in this photo Vanessa is actually fully clothed. Ahhh The power of suggestion.
I wont show you the simulated drug overdose pictures, or the simulated angel halo pix.
...and don't even think of asking if there were any simulated sex photos.
What do you take me for?

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