Thursday, December 22, 2005

A dog is for life.

You know the phrase a dog is for life not just for Christmas. Well I have the exception to this rule.
The Black dog is for Christmas not for life. I'll tie it in a sack and sling it out the window of my car whilst driving down the motorway in January.

Meanwhile Black Dog is destroying my ability to be productive so I've started to try and organise my life in the absense of my being able to be spontaneous like I normally am. So here's how I'm organising my life so far.

1. Things I'm not going to do today.

2. Things I probably wont do tomorrow

3. Things I will never do.

There I feel so much better now I've sorted that lot out. I'm safe and secure in the knowledge that everything is sorted into it's proper category.

Rock on Dudes


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