Monday, December 12, 2005

Unity Rocks

Well Unity has been going for a few months now and it seems to be going from strength to strength. This week we've got James Chadwick up on stage. He was one of six finalists for the BBC folk musician of the year, and he's only a baby. So that's going to be exciting. I'll post some pix of the night. Alternatively just look on the Unity website.
Then on Saturday we've got a charity concert in aid of the Tsunami victims featuring loads of local talent. I shall miss the first few hours because I'm collecting Gemmalah Da Hat from University that day. I'll be missing the last couple of hours because I'm an old fart and I need my sleep. But as it goes on for a marathon 14 hours I'll be there taking photos for a long time.
It's going to be busy. I just hope Jamie Lee Curtis doesn't wear me out before hand. She's a minx, just coz she's moving away. I can't believe that she played so hard to get before and now... Perhaps she's just trying to get round me because she needs cardboard boxes to pack away her Oscars.
Today I wanted to tell her she had a spot/zit on her nose. That's very non showbizz. But I was a gentleman and kept schtumm. Although last week I said to her "For chrissakes, when I come round, make sure you've got rid of all that slap."
"All that lipstick and shit. You don't need it." Last Wednesday evening when I arrived she was "au naturel".
This morning she was plastered with the stuff. I didn't kiss her. She left with her cardboard boxes, unmolested. She'll get the message eventually. If she wants me, she'll have to try a lot harder than that. Who wants to plough through inches of Lancomne?
She thinks she's hot. She thinks she's playing the game. It's become a battle of wills. She wants to play me. But I wont let her. I want to use her. But she wont let me. I guess we'll have to compromise. Neither of us want the other to have the advantage. So far the score is one all. When this is all over we'll still be friends, albeit at a distance, but neither of us want the other to have the upper hand, to have the last call.
Do I buy her a christmas present? Or do I play it uber cool and give her nothing?

You have two days to give me advice. Then the curtain drops and Jamie Lee Curtis will be out of my life. Forever. Gone to walk the red carpet of fame. Either that or devote her life to deprived children of the third world. Using her fame and fortune to blaze her trail. The Princess Diana of Hollywood.

You know you have an opinion. Comment now or forever be damned.

Rock on dudes


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