Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Jamie Lee Curtis - The dirt

So Petal thinks she can't believe I'm playing it so cool with Jamie Lee Curtis. Well the truth is the whole demograph of our relationship has changed. Where before I had to work real hard, now I do nothing. I can call the shots. It used to be me who took round the drinks. Now I phone her and say "Hey make sure there's some beer in the house for when I get there."
She came to see me again today. "Are you still coming round tomorrow?"
"What do you mean 'maybe'?"
"I might be busy."
"But you promised."
"We'll see."
You see Jamie Lee Curtis has given me the brush off so many times that now I don't give a shit anymore. In that time she has had the upper hand. She was in control and calling the shots. Now it's all changed. She realises I don't give a shit whether she wants me or not and it's pissing her off. She went too far. She has lost control. I am not at her beck and call. She knows she's hot. But in her mind it's not enough to persuade me now. I don't care how many 'keep fit' videos she's made. Fit for what? So that's why I'm playing it so cool. It's working. I've made her believe she wants me more than I want her. Because really I don't give a shit anymore. I've better things to do than chase a loser.
I'm sorry to all fans of Jamie Lee, but that's the truth. Why waste your energy on a prima donna? They aren't THAT special. OK they're up on screen every week on on your TV's. But does that really make them worthy? I don't think so. Beneath it all they are just like you and me. The same problems, the same insecurities (in fact more insecurities) and more make up. High definition television will be the death of JLC and she knows it. Chrikey she's the same age as me and I'm cracking on. There's fourteen days between us so I'll be shagging an older woman. Ha ha. Doesn't she know it?

So the question remains. Do I buy her a christmas present? Before she buggers off out of my life forever.

Before I go I've got to recommend you listen to Ryan Adams. I am completely hooked on his song "Winding wheel" right now, off his first album. That's Ryan not Brian. Who is a complete tosser.

Rock on dudes


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