Thursday, March 09, 2006

Deep Fat Fryers

OK this is another of my occasional public information bulletins. This time about deep fat fryers.

One of the most common complaints we have about deep fat fryers is people telling us they are too hot because they boiled over.


It's not because they're too hot it's because you are too tight fisted to change the bleedin' oil. Or you've chosen to buy some cruddy own brand vegetable oil.
What's happening? As oil get used over and over again, (yes some people use the same oil for years- really!) the oil absorbs water. Now when it gets hot and you sling in the chips it sparks off a release of this water from emulsion and the whole lot froths up and boils over. Just like in the fire brigade safety videos.
The own brand vegetable oil is very low grade with a high water content and that does the same thing. So stick to branded names like Mazola or something.

How to clean your deep fat fryer. Sling in some of that prewash washing powder and let it stand all night. It'll dissolve the caked up grease a treat.
Better still buy a decent fryer in the first place. Highly recommended is the new Magimix stainless steel deep fat fryer which you can pull apart and put in the dish washer.
Better still don't fry anything at all grill it, it's better for you.

Next week with the help of volounteers we road test "The Rabbit" versus the 12" "Superpenetrator".

Rock on dudes


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