Thursday, March 02, 2006

Chocoholics Look Away Now

Tonight I did a photoshoot for a company that supplies corporate gifts to companies. So I had to shoot pictures of hand made chocolates. I'm very pleased with the results and so is the client. So pleased in fact that in all the time I was there I wasn't offered one chocolate as a sample to try. Bastards!
So later Del and I went to the pub where the topic of conversation was the absence of white dog poo nowadays. Go figure. Then we went on, in our drunken haze, to invent the most bad taste name for a band ever. "Halal Pig" We plan to release the album in Denmark under the assumed names of Paull Lindstrom and Thom Jenson to avert the inevitable backlash and fatwas. In the cold light of day and of a more sober disposition we may change our minds and stick to the original name of Delandahat. Thus not upsetting our Muslim friends. At least we didn't draw any cartoons.

I found a can of "Tiskie" (Strong Polish Lager) in the back of my car that Del inadvertantly left.
I'm sorry Del if you're reading this, but I just drank it.

Rock on dudes


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