Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Taking photos

It's not all fun and glamour being a photographer. Over the weekend I had been commissioned to take photos at a Masons dinner dance. Oh joy! First job take photos of everybody as the arrive for the meet and greet. Half of them didn't know what day of the week it was. Pose?
OK at least pretend you've arrived together. Before the couple march off in different directions.
Dinner was interesting Salmon with crushed potato. Crushed potato? I guess due to the lumps it was mashed potato not very well mashed.
Then later I had to take pics for the local Evening Paper, the presentation by the masons of a cheque for £500 to the head of the local Renal Unit. I had barely got into postion when the cheque was handed over. No posing no standing there shaking hands smiling for the camera just a "here's yer cheque now bugger off"
"Cheers mate. That'll do for the Christmas bash."
I had to stage a rerun after wards explaining that we need to actually get a photo not a photofinish of a race.

There's no pix with this post they're all too too boring.


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