Friday, February 17, 2006

Falling Into Place

Finally it's happening. I'm getting the recognition I need. Last night while photographing the local "Battle of the Bands" competition I chanced upon the editor of the local paper, in fact he chanced on, and collared me.
"I'm glad you're here." he said, "it's like pulling teeth to get my people to photograph bands."
Whoopee! So we had a chat and the local paper is officially endorsing me as a freelance photojournalist. Fabulous!
My first job as an official media photographer is to go on an all expenses paid junket to the Café de Paris, Leicester Square, London, for the launch party of an album. I can do that and get back in time to get the photos into the the news office.

What this endorsement actually means is I can now apply for a press pass and not have to lie. I just tell them I'm working for the local paper and they will confirm it for me. Meanwhile last night was a whirl of activity trying to cover 5 bands in two different venues each on the opposite side of town to each other.
But in all that I did catch one band called Moosejaw.
They were a little hard to categorise being a rock band with a country flavour with a little Nick Cave thrown in for good measure. The lead singer looks like a school teacher complete with Corduroy jacket. Which isn't surprising because he really is a school teacher.

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