Friday, February 24, 2006


This story goes on and on. The latest is Helenes husband, yes she's still married and can't get rid of the bastard, has said he will follow her to the West Indies and play recorder for the American Tourists (sic). She tells me she will have to kill him. It's the only way to get rid herself of him.
Now I must explain that her husband plays recorder, yes the childrens instrument, he practices night and day, much to the dismay of their children. Now he might be very good at the recorder, but no one takes him seriously. Not even his own children. He's even threatened to quit his job so he can get some practice in, if his own children wont let him practice in the evenings. Is this guy for real?
I can't see playing recorder for the Americans is going to be a big draw for the crowds at Martines Gallery.

Meanwhile tonight was another crazy night taking photos of bands. I was doing a job for the local paper, shooting the Battle of the Bands competition at "The Solstice" at the same time as shooting "The Unity Club", opposite sides of the city. I couldn't believe the winners tonight. A four piece girl band "Playful rays" none of them older than fifteen years old singing (or shouting) songs about "you aint gonna fuck me, you aint gonna touch me." They aint getting anywhere. I guess they had the cute factor on their side.
God I've got seven more weeks of this. Who said being a photographer was fun?
Then at Unity we had Tom playing keyboards who was so pissed he didn't know what he was doing. And a comedian/ guitarist who couldn't play guitar, couldn't sing and wasn't funny. But then we had James Chadwick who was brilliant. You could easily cry yourself to sleep after hearing this guy play, he is so brilliant. Watch out for that name James Chadwick he is going to be big.

I've got to go to bed now I've got to go to London after work tomorrow to photograph an album launch for the local paper, all expenses paid. WE don't get back 'til 03:00am and I have to work the next day. Zombie city.

Hells teeth! Batman, when do we get to sleep?

Rock on dudes


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