Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Life and death

OK this isn't the usual photo you'd expect from me. But this is life (or death). It's stuff I find on my travels around, going places 99% of people don't even know about. I know it's sad. It's not cute. But then life isn't all sweetness and loveliness. Sometimes it's harsh. We're cocooned in our protected modern life. Almost immune from the realities. Our world is Toy Town in comparison to what it could be.
...and then just 20 paces from this terrible scene I find this.
It's an Early Spotted Orchid. Not yet in flower. New life, new hope. Beauty in the face of death.

Yesterday while taking photos for the paper of the Battle Of The Bands this guy came up to me.
"I've seen your website. How dare you say those things about my son?"
"What was that?"
"That he shouldn't be in the business if he's too shy to not stand with his back to the crowd."
"Well it's true." I wasn't going to apologise.
"But he's only fifteen. What sort of effect do you think this negative comment will have on him?"
"It'll be a wake up call then."
"you can't say that. He's only fifteen and just starting, he needs to be encouraged not ripped apart."
"Look if I don't tell him someone else will. For everyone who thinks they can make it there's another hundred more than ready to step into their shoes. It's a tough business. The name of the game is entertainment, not hiding behind speakers and playing the shrinking violet."

Tonight at the pub, Del had another take on this, and cited a shit load of artists that are reticent about publicity. But I maintain my comment was valid as a general rule. Obviously he has a point but the point is these artists are the exception not the rule. They are special cases.

Suffice it to say, half an hour later the guy was asking me how much I would charge to take photos of his son at his next live gig. I got the job.

Today I discovered that a band I took photos of just a few weeks ago "Milburn" are going on tour supporting "The Arctic Monkeys". Rachel was very interested in that. I'm not sure what her angle is. But it seems it might be a money making opportunity. For both of us. That suits me. She's phoning me tomorrow with her plans. I'll let you know.

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