Tuesday, August 08, 2006

God how we hate lists, Here's another!

So wage Monkey wants to exchange for 10cc for Creams "Sunshine of your love"? well personally I'd class that as a cool song anyway not an uncool song that it's now cool to listen to. It's always been cool.
I've been considering Meatloafs "Bat Out of Hell" that's so uncool it's cool and gone back to being uncool, unless the very fact it's uncool now makes it yet again cool.
Joan Jett "I love rock and Roll" is a good one.
One for the oldies to consider. "Hi Ho Silver Lining" by the Jeff Beck Group. I remember stomping along to to that at the memorial hall discos when I was a long haired, incredibly thin and gawky teenager. It was corny then (but fun) and it's corny now. I can't imagine anyone saying it's now cool to listen to it.
While we're on lists and I know you hate them. Here's a few of my most hated songs ever. You hate lists so you'll hate these I hate. It'd be fun to know your most hated.
"Seasons in the sun " Terry Jacks
"Honey" by various people but Dean Martin did a version.
"Grandad" by that guy from Dads Army Clive and some primary school kids.
"Lady in Red" of course (Chris De Bugger)
"The Laughing Gnome" David Bowie (he should have been ashamed of himself)
"The Smurfs"
Now I think about it there must be hundreds I hate, but these few are ones I have just thought of right now.

I'm in my new Semi detached suburban house with all the normal people for neighbours. Funny thing is I can't sleep. It's too quiet. I lay awake listening to the silence and fretting about not being able to hear all those comforting sounds that I'm used to. Like Police Sirens and Fights and Drunks and Custom cars speeding up and down the road, and people rattling on shutters, and smashing of bottles and girls sobbing their little hearts out after too many vodka wickeds at the local nightclub. Foreigners shouting in slovakian or some other eastern european language.
I'll get used to the silence very soon when I'm so tired I have to sleep.


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