Friday, July 28, 2006

The Neumes

I've got to thank Cherry Pie for putting me on to these girls, Eleanor, Emily and Charlotte. They played our club tonight. The Neumes. I was hoping to meet the lovely Cherry Pie coz she promised to turn up. But didn't I guess she had a good excuse.
and here they are in action. Cute or what?
I've got to tell you lovely people that these guys are amazing. You can't pigeon hole them they aint jazz, they aint folk, they aint rock. They are everything and more. Such a lot of potential. We already have a team of people fighting to get them back to Peterborough and this time we're going to pay them. We already want them to play next years Muddy Festival.

So thank you Cherry. If anyone else knows of any band that needs exposure on our stage put them my way.

Rock on dudes


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