Monday, July 24, 2006

Creating Evil

This is James Chadwick. He's a musician. He is an incredibly good musician. He makes it look so easy while everyone else struggles. He is also very very nice. I mean not just nice but Mary Poppins nice. You wont find any dirt on him. He is everything that you could describe as clean pure and wholesome. Which is why I decided a while back to destroy him. Well not destroy in a nasty way but to big up his image as someone who isn't a goody two shoes.Make him a little dangerous. He is, after several months of smear campaigning, now referred to as "The Evil One!" He thinks this is hilarious and goes along with the joke. Even posing for this picture that I have since doctored in photoshop.

I think over the next month or so he'll have to grow horns. Anyone got an image of devils horns I can cut and paste?

Rock on dudes


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