Friday, July 21, 2006

Breaking my G string

Cop a load of some Purple Loose strife. Some of these wild flowers have such great names. Anyway Rory and I were practicing for our next gig, we were really into our tribute number "Shine on you crazy Diamond" which is a great song anyway even if it was sadly appropriate right now. Rory breaks his G string. He then borrows my Ovation so he can just nail a lead section. He breaks my G string as well so it's rehearsal over.
Yesterday I was chatting with a taxi driver, he gets a call to go to Tescos.
I say I need to go that way you can drop me off. So I get a free ride to the music shop. Where I ask for 3 G strings for Rory based on 13s. He likes his string heavy.
Then I ask for a set for my Ovation 11s.
"You don't want to be using 11s, you want 13s."
"No I want 11s."
"You'll lose the tonal quality."
"When I acquire the hearing of a bat I might notice the difference, until then 11s will do me nicely."
Bloody people!
Anyway got a publicity photoshoot for a band tonight. Lots of industrial backdrop. Which is what the band want. I think it's a case of the same old same old nothing new. They are going to end up with the generic lads band photo with them looking mean and moody in some desolate derelict industrial setting. I wonder if I can persuade them to do something new? Ideas?

Rock on dudes


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