Thursday, July 27, 2006


I'm in trouble. My other blogspot Unityrocks is giving me grief. Everytime I post a new picture using Picassa the previous pictures after 21st July disappear. Not only that it's happening on this blog as well and my secret blog too. Actually my secret blog is not really a secret it's just where I dump photos so I can provide a link to them for my main blogs.
I'm wondering if it's something to do with the new version of Picassa that I am BETA testing.
There has to be a lesson there. Don't agree to beta test anything.

This week we've been rehearsing like mad for my first proper gig in two years. We're only doing half an hour at a charity event. I've played live since then but it's only been the equivalent of an open mic session. Tuesday night we slogged at it for four hours straight. Tonight we went for three hours and we've just about nailed it. There's a few rough edges still but we've got Saturday night to polish it off. Then we'll be tighter than a camels arse in a sandstorm.

I'm not concerned about moving from my squat to somewhere new. It's just that I am aware that it's going to take some getting used to. I've got to rearrange my life and I'm not sure how things are going to work. Within a few weeks I'll get into the new equilibrium with Rory, my new housemate. he's a great music teacher. He's strict but thats because he is so focussed. He told me tonight he wanted me to enjoy myself on stage. This is a far cry from when I first started playing live over 20 years ago when I was told if I fucked up I was dead. I ended up with such severe stage fright I was throwing up and never played live again for 16 years. My best friend Del taught me that it's OK to make mistakes. Just not too many. No one cares. It's your attitude on stage that's most important. If you are enjoying playing the audience will enjoy listening.


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