Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Friends I have manflu. Due to adverse publicity of this incredibly debilitating disease our women folk do not take it at all seriously. They laugh at us and call us wimps. They don't understand just how dangerous Manflu can be. I phoned various girlfriends explained I had Manflu and asked if they'd come round to look after me. I tell you guys all I got was abuse. The second word was "Off". So I have no one to mop my fevered brow. No one to tempt me with sweet morsels to keep my strength up. No one to buff my helmet because I don't have the strength to do it myself. I'll not forget this callous disregard for my health. When they all come crawling back when I'm fit and healthy again (or should I say if I'm fit and healthy again). They'll be sorry.

Meanwhile this is a self portrait of me and my good friend Tim who incidently is a musician, a very good musician. Think Al Stewart take away any reference to history and you'll have Tim.

Rock on Dudes

PS Wait until there's a deadly strain of "girl flu" we'll be laughing then. Mwah ha ha ha ha


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