Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Yer Wadda Waddawad

So I asked Rory if he had any hated tunes.
He told me when he was playing professionally in South Africa he was asked by an Afrikaans if he could play. "yer wadda waddawad"
"Yer Wadda Waddawad"
"I don't know that one. How does it go?"
"frum Grease maan! yer wadda waddawad ooooh oooh oooooooh"
He's hated "You're the one that I want" ever since.

Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark! A Jeff Beck solo a great song does not make. It can lift a crap song from aweful to mildly interesting, but it can't make it great, except in the case of the sax solo on Baker Street.

Del: I've got King Crimson "21st Century Schizoid man" on vinyl. Now there's a classic if ever I fell over one.
Oh and maybe you'd approve of Yes "Going for the one" if only for the impossible vocals of Jon Anderson. He must have had a tourniquet on his nadgers to hit those notes.
The Mike Da Hat prize for the best overly long track of all time (which I happen to like)goes to "Sad eyed lady of the lowlands" off Blond on blond by Bob Dylan followed swiftly (actually about 25 minutes later) by "Desolation Row" also by Bob Dylan.
"I just called to say... I'm going to throw up" thank you Cherrypie.


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