Thursday, August 24, 2006

Small Town England

So I am just leaving my new legit(ish) house and a neighbour spots me and beckons me over, in a sort of "you-boy-come-here school ma'am" way. I toddle over.
"You're one of those new musicians just moved in?"
Well that's better than you're one of those two gays who have just moved in.
"Oh yes!" I say breezily.
"I have a complaint." No shit? It had to happen soon or later amongst the small minded in middle England.
"What's that?"
"Your guitars are interfereing with my TV."
"I can't see how that can be?"
"Your loud electric guitars are making my TV go fuzzy everytime you play."
"That's interesting. We don't have electric guitars, we don't have a single one in the house.They're all acoustic."
"It must be your amplifiers then."
"We play unplugged."
"I can see we're going to have trouble here." the school ma'am fiddled with her car keys and turned toward her car, stopped, and as a final put down, spat almost imperceptively "Don't let it happen again."
She's mad.


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