Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It's a LifeStyle Thing

You know there aint nothing more miserable, well maybe there is, but this is pretty miserable, than having a stomach ulcer. Yep I got me a stomach ulcer. It's all this high living and sleepless nights. My rock and roll life style. So from now on I'm gonna be a total bore only eating milk puddings and refusing the copious amounts of Jack Daniels that people throw at me. I'm gonna go to bed early with a mug of Horlicks instead of slumping into a coma clutching a half empty bottle of JD in the small hours. Excitement is going to be a thing of the past. The most stressful thing I'm gonna do is walk to the paper shop to get my copy of Seed Collectors weekly. No more raging hot curries. No more Chillies especially those with names like "inferno" or "little volcano". So that's my life from now on. I wonder how long this will last before I go back to my old ways. You can place your bets in the comments below.

Meanwhile this is Wayne from the band "Victim". Top guy. I'm gonna book him and his band for a local pub soon. Monkey hat an all.

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