Saturday, September 23, 2006

Weapons of Mass Distraction

Here on the front line we are amassing our weapons of Mass Distraction. In our peaceful quest to make the world a safer place we are building a formidable arsenal of weapons. It's a musical Jihad. Give those Al Quaida chappies some rock and roll. Stick their heads in the bass bins and get them to scream "Yeah". This is what we want. I've no time for terrorism or religion. I'm not impressed with suicide bombers even if they get to shag 70 virgins when they get to heaven, they aren't heros they're mad.
So your challenge of the day is to see if you can name all these weapons, most are obvious, but there's a tricky one thrown into the mix. In accordance with latest weapons regulations all of these are lead free, environmentally friendly and hand made from sustainable resources. Although they can make your fingers bleed through over use.
Come on Usama if you think you're hard enough choose a weapon.

Rock on dudes


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