Monday, October 23, 2006

phone stress

Not much riles me. I'm pretty laid back as a rule. But there is one thing that makes me scream, the blood pressure go up, and want to kil someone. That's phones. I can't stand it when a phone is engaged. I've got work to do. I need to get on. I can't be doing with pushing redial every ten seconds and then... Why do some parents think it's really cute to let their children answer the phone? Look I'm in business. Time is money and I don't need to spend valuable time trying to get a small child to hand the phone over to their mother who is presumably standing right next to said small child thinking "oh she's so grown up with a phone in her ear."
"Can I speak to your mummy?"
"I got a new toy."
"Is your mummy there?"
"We're gone swimming."
"Give the phone to mummy darling."
"I'm talking to Daddy."
...and why do they insist on their answerphones that we're going to be rolling on the floor laughing at those cute answerphone messages that say "Mummy and daddy aren't here right now." oh how I laugh at those. And the messages that list every single member of the family including the bleeding Yorkshire Terrier. "Jeff, Lynn Isabelle Rachel, Charlie and Mrs Tiggy winkles aren't in right now..."
I'll draw a veil over that one.
Talking of which the school learning assistant lost her case for unfair dismissal because she insisted on wearing a veil when a member of male staff was in the same room. Now what they didn't seem to mention much was she felt it quite acceptable to go to the job interview without a veil to get the job, whilst being interviewed by a man. Now it seems to me in this case that she got the job under false pretenses. So they were fully within their right to sack her just for this alone. I mean if you interviewed someone who wasn't wearing a veil the last thing you'd think would be that it would become a problem. If it was going to be a problem she should have said so in the first place.


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