Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sheeps and Goats

I'm in the dubious position of trying to rent out some commercial property. As a result I've had the dregs of society coming round to view and tell me their crackpot ideas of what they want to do with it. The best was this asian guy who came round to view intending to open a halal butchers shop. But he was more interested in the car park at the side. In particular a drain in the centre of the car park.
"Nice drain." he says.
I humour him by saying "It's functional."
"Is Ok I bring sheeps and goats?"
Now I'm a tolerant sort of chap, but the last thing I need is some asian butcher slaughtering "sheeps and goats" in my car park, turning it into some scene from a horror movie. One little death throw of it's poor dieing body will have blood all over my lovely Renault Meganne Scenic. I tell him to go forth and multiply in a nice way.


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