Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Billy two gigs

Last weekend saw me back in the recording studio. Taking photos again this time for Point Seven Pistol. This is them below in one of my photoshopped efforts. Now there's a word that should be in the OED. I've been doing a lot of work in the recording studio and there's more to come. Apparently there's some big bands coming up from London soon. I don't know who yet. Probably some unknowns. We've got two gigs coming up on consecutive Saturdays this Sat and the next. So if a certain rock God under the name of Delbert Montage would like to make a guest appearence at one or both gigs...
Talking of word that should be in the dictionary. It reminds me of my crazy children who are apt to make up their own words when one isn't available for their exact requirements. One of those words is "Rindyspink". It's a Mary Poppins type word when something is not just really nice but spotlessly nice. My children for years have taken to adding Lah (pronounced LAR)to every name of people they like. So I have become Daddylah, their mother Mummylah. Gemma is now Gemmalah it's been going on for so many years I forget that her real name is Gemma not Gemmalah. I don't think we're going to get Tonylah or Georgelah Bush.


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