Friday, December 08, 2006

Drivers they should ban

We have a carpark near us and almost everyday I see the wife or the husband get out of the passenger seat and start directing the driver as he/she reverses out of the car park. Now it occurs to me why are these people on the road? If they can't reverse out of a parking space or whatever without assistance then I'm sorry buty they should have their licence taken away until they pass a test to prove they can do it by themselves. The amount of times I've seen husband or wife almost run over their partners who have been standing directly behind the car shouting "STOP!!!".
Can you imagine taking your driving test and after being asked by the examiner to reverse round a corner you say "Can you get out and see me round?" It's ludicrous. But still there's people driving on our roads who shouldn't have a licence and not just the people who read the newspaper whilst driving, or have breakfast, shave, or have sex (yes I've been in the back of a car whilst the driver was being seen to by someone in the front)no not just those people because they're just plain stupid, it's those people who are so terrified of their own car and others that they become a danger to everyone. They are so nervous they stop at the end of a slip road as they try to get on a motorway. They drive at 20mph and if you get even vaguely close they slam on the brakes.
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