Monday, December 04, 2006

Lilly pads

These are three of my most favourite people. They are "The Neumes". They're three sisters who play in the same band. Eleanor, Emily and Charlotte. This is an improvised publicity shot I did for them. I'm not sure it works. But it's interesting. I tend to try and use what's available and as such I'm a bit of an opportunist when it comes to photography. A singer friend of mine asked me to do some nude shots of her. Woah! Hold me back. But as usual it's not that simple. Her concept is to have a photo of her floating just underneath the water, hair everywhere, with lilly pads in strategic places. I'm sure it's been done before but who cares I love the idea and if she's going to get her kit off for it I'm not going to complain. I think I might end up shooting her in a childrens paddling pool. Then photoshopping her into a lake with lilly pads. Or we might just sling her in the lake. Posted by Picasa


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