Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Another life

It never ceases to amaze me how what seems outrageous to me is perfectly normal to my man.The night before last he had a call. His ex wife had been mugged and beaten senseless in a local store, conveniently the cctv was not working and the staff threw her out the shop for bleeding on their floor. The perps got away with £2. It was all she had. My man went to meet her and took her home insisting she stay the night. She is currently homeless and a hopeless alcoholic. He woke up the next morning, she was gone already, she had climbed out the window and disappeared into the night. Later in the day he found her in a park "absolutely trollied". Situation normal.
So he's in my gaff and as usual we're watching the world through the window.
"Here comes the cunt crew." he says looking up the road, "You've never met such a bunch of despicable, mean, nasty, good for nothing bastards. You don't want to mess with them. Mean as fuck."
Eight boys were swaggering down the road all stripped to the waist, some carrying cans, some swinging t-shirts by their sides, one with a  screwed up T-shirt perched on his head, all heading towards the off-licence. My man moves away from the window so he's not seen. Instinctively I do the same. I don't know why I don't know  them they don't know me. But they know my man and he wants nothing to do with them.
I ask him about the Lithuanian girl and the Russian mafia guy "Oh she's gone." Just like that. Moved in, moved out. No problem. "Now you should have seen these two eastern European girls I met the other night, Wow!...."
"What? More?"
"Oh yes but these two were classy."
"Where did you meet them? The ambassadors ball?"
"The offy of course. They were trying to buy a bottle of wine but didn't have enough money between them they were 50p short so I gave them the 50p and they came back to my place."
"Oh that sort of classy. You can pick them."
Not seeing the sarcasm he says "Yep I seem to be a bit of a magnet for babes."
I looked him up and down, camo trousers filthy t-shirt, self cut hair, tattoos, piercings, boots. "Yes I can see that."
A girl walks past, he rushes to the door and shouts up the street. She stops turns and walks back. He invites her in "this is Michelle" he says introducing her, "And this is MY friend." pointing to me
"'right." she turns her head briefly to me. "wa'cha up tuh?" she asks my man.
"Gonna find the ex, she's absolutely trollied on the field."
"We betta go check on 'er."
"Ok we'll stop at the offy on the way."


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