Saturday, July 23, 2016

My bad manners and a Rock Opera

So what's a guy  gonna do. I'm up to my eyeballs with a contract to photograph designer clothes.  got a business to run and my dogs not well. I know write a Rock Opera. As you do. Actually it's been on the burner for four years so far. But now help is at hand. I'm working with a writer / Theatre Director who is sorting the stage script for me and additional dialogue. For the music I've secured the help of a guy who is a professional musician who did some work for Pixar, song wise.
I want to say it's all very exciting. But really it isn't. I've got the story line cracked. I've got a whole bunch of songs written including some incidental music. But really I haven't a clue what to do next. Which is why I've had to call in help. I've never written a Rock Opera before. OK how many people have? I ground to a halt. Didn't know which way to turn what to do next. That is until my Theatre Director came on board and started kicking me and pointing me in the right direction. Then my musical director suggesting different arrangements of my songs for added drama.
Now we're trading emails backwards and forwards. Writing rewriting. Swapping ideas. I'm back on track. We might make something of this yet.
Meanwhile my Theatre Director said "Do you have Skype?
Me: No I don't do Skype.
TD: Why not?
Me: I wouldn't be  able to hide the fact I get bored speaking to people.
TD:  You're  terrible.
Me: I know. I grieve over  it during the  long winter nights.
TD: You don't.
Me: No that's a quote from The Big Sleep. Philip Marlowe says it about his manners.


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