Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Street Level Law Enforcement

"What the fuck happened to you?"
My man comes in arm in a sling and cuts over his face. He's looking a bit worse for wear.
"Got in a fight." he says "Some bastard was shooting up outside the post office last night."
"The post Office?"
"Yeah they use the security lights so they can see what they're doing. I'm not having it. They shoot up and leave their needles. I'm walking my dog and booom. I see red.  I kicked the fucker from here to next week."
"So how did you get hurt?"
"He had a mate."
"He was a big fucker too. Eastern European. A hard bastard."
"Didn't you consider calling the police and let them handle it?"
"I'm well known to the police they're just as likely to lock me up for the night as them. So we dispense instant justice right where it hurts on the front line. This is street level law enforcement."
"Whose law though?"
He looks at me as if I'm mad "..the fuck? It's law aint it? You don't shoot up and leave needles lying around for my dog to walk on, or for kids to pick up. It's Street law."
"Looks like you got some instant justice yourself."
"What this? nah this is nothing compared to what those fuckers got. They'll be off the streets for a while yet. Anyway I'm going to the offy you want anything?"
As usual I tell him I'm good and he toddles off to pick up some super strength lager or summat.

I just noticed on my stats that my most popular top hitting post is "Mineral water for dogs", the second most popular is "Dogging in Southey woods" Hmmmmmm


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