Thursday, July 08, 2004

Just when you think............

Just when you think it can't rain any harder, it does. The weather men warned us of this earlier but said it would happen like six hours ago. OK they're six hours too late. But that's weathermen for you.
Anyone know of any legal way to make loads of money? I want to retire. I guess not.Perhaps if everyone in the world gave me a penny?????? I loved the idea in that film where this guy programmed a banks computer to round up every cent and put the diference in his bank account. No one would ever notice a fraction of a cent.But with the amount of financial transactions going on those fractions mounted up. I need an idea like that. Come on share with me. I need some input here. Let me have enough to live a quiet life somewhere in the country. I don't want to be rich. Just have enough to live comfortably.


Blogger Vous ne me connaissez pas... said...

Alway happy to read you, I had perhaps an idea for you... Just play music again with your friends, and one day a producer will sell your music all other the world !
Perhaps you are the future Boss bruce springsteen Ouhhaaa !!!! Hey! Question, have you a place somewere where I can listen to your music ?
Have a nice day ;)

1:50 pm  
Blogger MIKE DA HAT said...

Great idea but unfortunately the producers are already selling the music all over the world because it's not our music. We do covers not original stuff.
But saying that we do have a CD you can buy. It's a mere £5. £6.20 inc post and packing it's worth it just for Dels famous chicken song lasting 30 seconds.

8:30 am  

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