Tuesday, July 13, 2004

New story from the trade? Hmmm!

God I wish you guys reading this would leave a comment sometimes. I only to say "Hi"

I was sent a story which in itself is very funny but I'm sure it's an urban myth. It's one of those stories "from the trade" this time from a computer help line. So, for what it's worth here's the story.
Customer: Hello my computer doesn't work.
Help line: OK in what way doesn't it work?
Cust: It's completely dead my screan has gone blank.
Help: Have you tried switching it off and then switching it back on again?
Cust: Yes but nothing happened.
Help: So there's no lights on the computer at all?
Cust: no nothing.
Help: then we'd better check the mains lead is plugged in properly at the back of your computer.
Cust: OK where is it?
Help: it's the cable that goes fromt he plug in your wall to the computer. Have a look at the back and make sure it hasn't come loose.
Cust: I can't see it.
Help: It's right there at the back.
Cust: But I can't see it, it's too dark.
Help: Well turn on a light then.
Cust: I can't there's a power cut.

As I said it's a great story but I'm sure it's an urban myth.So that won't make it into my book. Or is it? If you've got better call me. You know where I am.

I've got to tell you to read "My boyfriend is a twat". It's a really great web site. The link is to the right of this. I laughed til I stopped. I haven't laughed so much since the cat died.

Zoe. I once had a girl friend called Zoe. She wont speak to me any more. Seems I did the most cardinal sin and dumped her. Even though she was the best thing that had ever happened to me at the time. But then I was young and stupid. The only difference is that now I am old and stupid. Most of the girls I speak to say the same thing. That it doesn't matter how old a boy gets, he's still a boy. I'd like to think that now I am my age I am more mature, more responsible, I have connected with my inner self and am more in tune with the world.But really I'm just a kid looking to have fun. My children read this so I perhaps I should say something more mature. Sorry kids, your dad is just like you. I do my best, but sometimes my best isn't good enough. I hope you understand. We are all fallible. No one is perfect. And because of that I don't expect you to be perfect. All I ask is that you do your best. That's good enough for me. You'd love my kids. They're great. Bizarre admittedly. But great. Hey kids! Do you mind me calling you bizarre? I'm sure they'd be proud to be bizarre. Given permission from the sproglets themselves I'll tell you more about them. But I have to check with them first. So until then it's

Hasta la vista

and all that

may your god be with you



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Sorry, am behind on my reading, but keep it up. Liked the stories about the Luger and the dogshit. Keep going...

9:57 pm  

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