Thursday, July 08, 2004

New games for old

My children and I have invented a new game of “Scrabble” ©. It’s called “Call my scrabble bluff”. The idea of the game is to invent new words, words actually found in the dictionary are not allowed. But the twist is you have to not only come up with a new word but have a plausible explanation of the words meaning. For instance, “Scafilli”; a form of pasta. Or Poondog, from old naval usage. On a whaling vessel the Poondog was the guy who had to load the harpoon gun. A very dangerous occupation. Each of the other players then try and come up with an alternative explanation of the word. Players then vote on the best definition. If your explanation was voted best then you get the points however if you placed the word and got best explanation it’s double points. Variations on scoring can be made by using the double words scores etc. It’s a lot of fun and as a sidenote is useful to teach the kids to think of meanings of words and their derivations from the latin greek etc So it’s not such a stupid idea.
My blog friend Quink of Hackney lookout has given me an idea for a sort of game based on blogs and the adverts that appear at the top. The idea is to control the advert by putting in key words that generate the most inappropriate advert for your blog. Not sure how it’s going to work but if you’re reading this B let me know what you think cause it’s you who gave me the idea. All I have to do is write the word mandolin a few times. Mandolin or mandolin strings, or mandolin music and see what sort of ad comes up when I log on again. The next stage would be to find out what the key words are they are using and try to avoid them so no advert is generated at all. I wonder if that could work.
lets try it.........


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