Friday, January 14, 2005

Sometimes you win sometimes.......

I went to the pub tonight, my pub. I had a thirst. A thirst so bad I could have dived into a swiming pool and drunk the whole pool dry. I ordered a pint of Carling. It's the weakest beer on tap. I do that as a rule because I know myself. I drink too much so I deliberately drink the weakest I can find. I hadn't even got the pint to my lips when this guy came up to me and asked me if I wanted to enter the raffle. He had a card of names of Speedway riders. You choose a name and put yours under it. When the card is full they peel back the sticker and a name is revealed the winner gets £10. I put in £1 for two chances. I chose *********** because that's my brothers name. I'd only drunk one inch of my pint when the guy comes back and hands me a tenner and says You've won.
"What the fuck?"
I could hear voices all round the pub saying "Who the fuck is Mike Da Hat?" They were the voices of the visiting pool team. I was pointed out. Hang my head in shame for winning. But fuck it I'm ten quid better off than I was two hours ago.


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