Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Beer Inspector

Today Steve the Landlord from the Wheatsheaf pub called me he asked me to come over as soon as possible. So I dropped everything and high tailed it to the pub. When I got there Steve and this guy in a suit had the counter full of glasses of beer. The guy in the suit was looking at each glass in turn.
"Just in time Mike." Says Steve.
"What's happening?" I ask, as if I didn't know.
"We're having a beer tasting."Steve has some new beers on tap and the man from "Casque marke" was there to inspect Steves beers. We chatted while we tested the beers. The first test is the clarity test the scale goes from cloudy and tainted through dull clear and brilliant. All Steves beers scored the highest brilliant. Then aroma there's no scale for that just the nose whether it's musty or any other nasty odours or if it's clean and fresh and aromatic bearing in mind different beers obviously smell differently. Top marks on that as well. Then the temperature test. The beer should be in the range of 11C - 14C. Two of his beers were 14.5C Eeeek! He lost points on that one. Then finally the tasting; my favourite test. Clean on the plate and a well rounded flavour with no noxious under or overtones. Full marks on that too. So we tried and tested everyone. I'm not sure my comments of "This is a bloody good pint." held any sway with the official judge. It didn't matter because he loved all the beers. So Steves beers were awarded the highest marks except for two beers that were half a degree too warm. But it was still a very good pass.
Then the testing was over, Steve said "Right choose your drinks."
"Well it's a shame to throw them down the sink after they've scored top marks in the test we might as well enjoy them."
So we each grabbed two beers and set about quaffing the ale, as he said it's a shame to waste good beer. Now I don't normally drink during the day. but I will make exceptions sometimes and anyway it's amazing how fast the afternoon goes after a few beers. Chrikey is that the time already?

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