Monday, March 21, 2005

Del time

Last night Del phoned me at 8:00pm "Are you coming to the pub?"
"OK." You see I don't take much persuading.
"Right I'll see you in half an hour at the pub."
"Half an hour?"I questioned.
"Yes really half an hour. That's half an hour in real time not Del time." says Del.
"So I'll see you in an hour then?" Aint I a cynic.
"NO really half an hour thirty minutes. I'll be there." he insisted.
"OK Del."
So I turned up fifteen minutes late. He wasn't there.
The man who can't be named turned up."NO Del then?"
"He said he'd be here in half an hour that was 45 minutes ago."
"That's normal."
"But he said it would be 30 minutes real time not Del time."
"Yes but Del has no concept of real time so when he says real time he really means Del time. His conception of real time is really a distorted version of his own Del time. He'll be here in 15 minutes."
"That'll be an hour then."
"Yes and that'll be Del time then."
Del turned up at 9:00 30 minutes late thus proving that Dels "realtime" is really Del time. i.e. not everyone elses time. It takes some getting used to. Del would drive a weaker person crazy with his time keeping. The man who can not be named and I have learnt to adjust our clocks to Del time. One day Del time will be an internationally recognised time zone. The Jamaicans have already taken Del time plus two hours as their officially recognised time. Come to think of it the Jamaicans run on Del time plus 48 hours.

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