Wednesday, March 23, 2005

You can't get smugger than this

This is my friend Abbi. She's also very smug. She's just landed herself a recording contract. Her first single comes out in May. Meanwhile the record company is taking her to Japan to promote said single and album. All the songs written by Abbi herself. They can't decide what to call her. Abbi sounds good to me but they are thinking of "Yellow" because unusually Abbi has yellow eyes. Actually they are more amber coloured. So now I'm triply smug because I have played on stage with her at a gig. That was such good fun. I was playing 12 string and Abbi was playing my Ovation 6 string. She's a little disappointed that her boyfriend Richard isn't involved in her record deal even though he's a talented musician in his own right. The record company are putting together their own team of musicians to support her on tour. So that's how it goes I'm afraid. One of the last times you'll be able to see her for free will be at the Golden Fleece Stamford next month. I'll be there. We've always known she had the talent to go places and she was really too good to be playing in a pub band. But you've got to start somewhere and to be honest her band "Within" is a pretty good band anyway. But she's the one that always sparkles......and as I've always said. To know her is to love her. She's great.
By the way don't mess with her she's very handy at the old martial arts. Posted by Hello

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