Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Dark Side

I know you guys like to read about the nitty gritty dark side of life well here's something that just happened ten minutes ago.

There was a knock on my back door. A local drunk was stood there swaying. He said "I'm gasping for a drink could you sub me some money."
"Just the one drink. I's a hot day. Have pity."
"NO." I'm hard hearted like that.
So he apologised and went on his way. Outside the front of my gaff he met another drunk and they fell into each others arms and proclaimed undieing love for each other. Especially as the other has some money for drink. They both staggered to the corner new and booze shop. Inside they both picked up bottles of frosty Jack and the other guy some chocolate as well. My drunk took his bottle to the counter to wait for his "friend" meanwhile the "Friend" had obviously lied about having any money and legged it out the door with the bottle and the chocolate. AJ the shop keeper shouted after him. My drunk seeing his opportunity to get a drink go out the door (literally) said he'd give chase, leaving his bottle on the counter. He ran after his "friend" and caught him up. They fought. The "Friend", incensed that my drunk had a conscience and was taking the stolen drink back to the shop took out a knife and sliced his ear off. Well not completely off but it was hanging by a quarter on an inch of gristle. With blood pouring down his face he triumphantly took the stolen goods back to the shop.
Paramedics arrived. He didn't want treatment. He stood on the pavement blood everywhere, passers by turning white and holding hands to their mouths when they saw the severed ear hanging from the side of his head. It wasn't a pretty sight.
And he still wasn't going to be rewarded for his bravery by a free bottle of booze.
Still refusing treatment the police were called.
They arrived. Shit his ear is hanging off, was the first reaction.
"Come on Thomas you need treatment. Let's get you to the hospital."
"Don't call me Thomas, you've no right to call me Thomas."
So they put cable ties round his wrists and tied his hands behind his back and slung him in the back of their van and drove him under protest to hospital. There's no way he was going to get a drink at A&E.

Rock on Dudes

PS BBQ at Dels tonight. Yippeee!


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