Tuesday, July 12, 2005

War in all it's glory

What is it about American films? The tough guy, usually a marine, rolls his head and his neck clicks. Is that supposed to make him hard? A tough guy? Well if it was me and my neck clicked like that I'd be straight down to the osteopaths. I'd be seriously worried. I saw a film the other day where this psycho marine clicked his neck. he was replaced by a robotic psycho marine that by coincedence also clicked it's neck. Hang on why would a robot have to click it's neck?

I've been sitting here for the last ten minutes rolling my head side to side and I'm pleased to say my neck didn't click once. Obviously I'm a wimp. No one will take me seriously.

Here's another thing that really pisses me off about American films. Lock and load. They cock their guns, then a few seconds later they cock it again. Now correct me if I'm wrong. But when you cock the rifle you put a bullet in the chamber. If you cock it again the live round is ejected and another takes it's place. Where's the sense in that? OK you get that lovely chunky sound when they do it. But you're automatically short of one bullet each time you do it. I reckon in a big scene they will probably run out of ammunition before they've even fired a shot with the amount of times they cock their rifles.

There's more. Doesn't the American Delta force really piss you off. Talk about lack of professionalism. These guys are supposed to be the elite of the army. Even in films they haven't a clue. God help us if they ever had to come to our rescue. Give me the SAS anyday. Quiet, unassuming, modest, but they get the job done with no fuss. No fanfares, no publicity, they are there in the background. Quietly doing their job. The Delta force all full of angst and personal problems (presumably to give the film more human appeal) and fucking up their mission to save a comrade. Crying over his bullet ridden body. Yes they have feelings. God knows they make sure we know they have feelings. Compassion. A love of Jesus Christ.

Hang on a minute, how come it's so essential to be religious in the American army? Is it really so in the real army?
"Actually I'm an atheist."
"Fuck off then. You wont be in this mans army."
So they're all believers and they're shooting the fuck out of the enemy.
Bob Dylan wrote a song called "God is on my side". So that's OK then.

Have I got this right? Because I'm an atheist? To be in the American Army you've got to believe in God and get down on your knees before each battle and pray to God. But surely God doesn't want us to kill our brothers. God doesn't like war or killing. "Thou shalt not kill" even as an atheist I know that one. So haven't we a contradiction here? The American Army wants only people who believe in God but don't adhere to his commandments. Yep that works for me. It's totally insane. Just like war is totally insane. I guess it's a form of population control. So that's got to be good. As long as the participants are aware of the dangers. They could die. And not necessarily in a pleasant and clinical way.

But it's all in films. It's not real. Or is it? What sort of image do the Americans want to portray to the world? Reality or just Hollywood?


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