Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Chav jokes

My friend Wodger from the diving club tells me his son has been approached through Mr Fox the DJ to go for an audition for a major rock band, who are losing their lead guitarist soon. UNfortunatley the major act is a state secret and no one is saying anything. Even Wodgers son doesn't know what band he's auditioning for. So if anyone has their ear to the ground and knows of a major band where the lead guitarist is leaving let me know. .

Anyway here's a few jokes for you:

Q. What do you call three chavs going over a cliff in a Vauxhall nova?

A. A wasted seat.

Q. What do you call a chavette in a white track suit?

A. A bride.

Tiffany goes to the social for her child benefit.
Welfare Officer: So Tiffany how many children do you have?
Tiff: Ten.
W.O.: and what are their names?
Tiff: Well there's Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne and finally Wayne.
W.O.: Isn't that confusing having all of them with the same name?
Tiff: No it's great I just shout "WAYNE DINNERS READY" and they all come running. Or I shout "WAYNE BATH TIME" and they all run to have baths.
W.O.: SO what do you do if you want one particular child?
Tif: I call them by their surname of course.

English man: My son was born on St Georges day so I called him George.

Scotsman: Now theirs a coincedence my son was born on St Andrews day so I called him Andrew.

Irishman: A coincedence to be sure my son over there is called Pancake.

Rock on dudes.

PS You can share your favourite Chav jokes if you've got any. I need a laugh.


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