Thursday, September 15, 2005

Why I hate Pete Trewewas.

I have this thing where I will never EVER buy a Marillion CD. I wont even listen to Marillion. I refuse to get sucked into their crap. I don't care how good they are, and I like to think they aren't good, it's just there's a load of morons out there who are deluded. In particular I hate Pete Trewewas their bass player. I hate him with a vengeance. I know hate is a strong word. But I have reserved this hatred for someone special. Some complete and utter bastard who deserves to hang by his testicles, until the blessed release, when they whither away and drop off.
So why do I have this venom? Why am I so full of spite? It goes back a long way. Thirty years ago to be exact. I had a girlfriend called Dougal because she had big hair. She was very cute. We were always together. I loved her dearly. This was before I could play guitar but I was already on the music scene. I was a roadie for a band called Iona. I took her to rehearsals and to gigs she/we had a great time. She thought I was great because I was on the inside. I had other friends, notably Pete Trewewas who at the time was the bass player for a band called Orthi. So one day, after she begged me, I took her to meet the band at one of their rehearsals. It was in Wendover in Buckinghamshire, in a local hall half way up Tring Road. I introduced her to the band. Hands were shook. They rehearsed. Fucking Pete bastard Trewewas poured on the charm. I was young, inexperienced. I didn't know what to do. He was a "big shot" bass player. I was just a roadie. I was left by the wayside. Dougal didn't so much dump me, so much as never said a word she just disappeared over the horizon with Pete fucking cunt shite bastard Trewewas. He ditched her later for some blond buxom groupie. The last I heard Dougal was a physiotherapist in Birmingham.
So now you know why Marillion are crap. They'll shit on their mates. But then that's show business.

Pete Trewewas could well be an ace guy. But I am biased. I bet he's kind to animals and small children, but he's still a bastard in my eyes.

Rock on Dudes.


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