Monday, November 07, 2005

It's my birthday

It's my birthday today. I'm old. Friends brought me cakes. I've eaten a load of them. I Knew it was a mistake but Del brought me some cakes. I thought I'd try just the one for now. It was delish. So I had another, then coffee was served and I had another with my coffee. Then Sandra came in lusting after me carrying more cakes. So I had to try her wares too. Now I feel sick. I shouldn't have to feel like this on my birthday. But I guess from an early age it's traditional to throw up on your birthday whether it's too much jelly and Ice cream or too much alcohol. For me it's too much cake. My daughter Gemmalah sent me a birthday Email this morning, "I hope you get to eat lots of cake." she said.
"No chance." I replied. "I don't eat cake." (often)
Oh yes. I got an Email from a very dear friend this morning. It said "Happy Birthday" that's all nothing else no message. We haven't spoken in five years not since... Perhaps she still loves me after all, despite what happened.

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