Thursday, January 05, 2006

Miserable Mildred

I'm taking the advice of my good friend Mark and I'm continuing to take photos of gorgeous girls for your delight and delectation. This one is the Famous Miserable Mildred who at one time could be seen flaunting herself shamelessly in the window of the flower shop next door. But the new flower girls have decided she must go. She's too miserable. So put your bids in.
Meanwhile here's Rebecca Clamp who by coincedence has just released her new album "Nocturnal Leaps". She's lovely. No really, she smiles like this all the time. During these dark days of winter my camera has been a good friend to me forcing me out of my dark moods and going out to meet people. For instance tonight I'm doing the usual Unity shoot. Tomorrow night I'm shooting "Armitage Shanks" the nearest thing we have these days to the legendary "Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band". Then saturday I am finally, after several cancellations going to shoot the album cover for "Dr A's Blues Consortium" and at the same time do some publicity shots for "The Hinge" a heavy rock band. Not content with that Saturday night will find me shooting "Aladin Sane" the "stars in their eyes" winner who does a David Bowie tribute. So it's all busy busy busy and fun fun fun. I'll think I'll leave the black dog at home this weekend.

Rock on my dearest dudes


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