Friday, January 06, 2006

You couldn't make this up.

My brothers, partners niece died suddenly a while ago, they all went to the funeral and sat down in the church the coffin resting on a couple of decorated "A" stands. The vicar in his white surplus walks in the door at the back of the church and staggers down the aisle toward the stage. He is drunk and trips over his long surplus and falls forward. he puts his hand out to catch himself on the coffin which with the sudden jolt crashes to the floor. The nieces mother faints and the mourners scream, while dazed the vicar picks himself up and looks round for help to put the coffin back on it's stands....... after the service they go to the burial, unfortunately the hole the coffin is to go in is a fraction too small and the end of the coffin gets stuck on the edge of the grave. The drunken vicar puts his foot on the end of the coffin to encourage it to it's final resting place. The earth gives way and the coffin plunges suddenly downwards. The vicar follows headfirst onto the top of the coffin. The sudden increased weight snatches the ropes from the hands of the attendants and the coffin and the vicar both plunge to the bottom of the grave. More screams and tears. The vicar was not invited to the wake. This happened two weeks ago. You can't make up this stuff.I wish I'd have been there I'd have laughed my socks off, unless of course it was a relative or close friend of mine then I'd be suitably shocked. It all depends from which perspective you look at it.

Anyway Rock on dudes you're a long time dead so make the most of it now. Posted by Picasa


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