Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Press Card

So I wrote an Email to the National Union of Journalists today to get a Press Card. It's not that easy. To qualify you have to earn 90% of your income as a journalist. I only earn pocket money so far so that hardly qualifies. I wrote back explaining this. I haven't had any reply yet.
I phoned a professional photographer friend of mine to ask if he had a press card. He hadn't.
"So how do you get around that?"
It seems what I have to do is write to the press office of each event and ask for a Media Acreditation form and fill it in. Then get a sponsor in the form of a publication. I could chance my luck and make up a fictitious magazine I'm working for but I'm going to try the regular route and get the glossy magazine I worked for recently to sponsor me.
Oh the trial and tribulations I have to go through just to get recognised as a professional photographer.
I'll let you know how things are going as and when they happen.

Rock on dudes


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