Friday, February 03, 2006

The Real Little Finger Game

Last night at the night club I finally ran the competition for the "Little Finger Game". Here's the result, a fine collection of beautiful young laydees who were up for a laugh.
God! Don't you wish you had my job? It's such a lot of fun.
My personal favourite to win this competition is not Abi who you'd expect (bottom row second from right) but Mel (top row second from right) I think she's giving it maximum attitude.
But if you've got your opinions let me know. Maybe it's the other Mel (bottom row second from left) or Lisa (bottom left corner).
I wish I'd taken up this sort of photography years ago. Next week I'm going to suggest a wet T-shirt competition or as it's cold maybe just a seasonal best boobs competition. Watch out for the close ups. Heee Heee.

OK just to balance things out I also ran a "LIttle Finger Game" competition for the boys, so now you girls out there can vote on who you think is giving it maximum attitude.
My vote on this one goes to the guy in the top right hand corner who is giving it the hypnotic look. I can't see any of the other guys pulling based on their performances last night. But hey I'm just another guy perhaps you girls can see potential where I can't.

Meanwhile...Rock on dudes


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