Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Sales Pitch

Due to the unexpected popularity of my mention of Dysons I thought I should mention one of the cardinal false selling points used by the likes of Currys and Comet etc to dupe you. IN fact it's not all their fault it's the manufacturers. It's not even the manufacturers it's you people who demand bigger and better so you get what you deserve.
So you want to buy a Vacuum cleaner?
What do you look for?
That's right the Wattage. So when the spotty faced oik in Currys tells you that this 'ere goblin sports a 1700w motor of course you're going to be well impressed especially as your old Hoover Turbo 2 only has a 1000w motor. So it's got to be better right?
Wrong! All the wattage really tells you is how fast that little disc in your meter cupboard is going to spin round and how much electricity it comsumes. It doesn't tell you how efficient the motor is.
For years Numatic (the makers of Henry) have been publishing their machines performance results in terms of vacuum in mmhg and in terms of cubic litres of air moved. The cynics amongst us will have noticed that no other manufacturer has taken this on board and all resort to saying "Yeah but it's got a two and a half kilowatt motor. so it's got to be better."

So poor old Henry has only a poxy little 1200w power rating. Compared with the latest Goblin at 2500W. What's the difference?
Well the old Henry motor has a huge fan chamber that creates a load of air movement thus suction.
The Goblin motor is a lot smaller the fans are less efficient. To get anywhere near the same suction the motor has to spin at much higher speeds.
Guess which motor wears out quicker and which lasts longer?
You don't need rocket science to work that out.

I hope this little sojourn into the miracle of salesmanship has enlightened you so next time you go and buy a vacuum cleaner you wont be fobbed off by stupid salesmen who don't know their arse from their elbow.
Next time we're back on track with tales of rock and roll, sex, debauchery and wild flowers.

Rock on dudes


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