Thursday, January 26, 2006

New Age Rock & Roll

Some people would call this dancing. I call it some pissed bird falling over. Oh joy! This is what happens at a New Age Music and World Arts Event. In fact it was a stonkingly good night. Great music, not bad art and loads of lovely people. If you want to see the art and the performers who played da musik they're all here. I'll put some of the audience there later. Maybe. Normally in between acts we get treated to some Drum and bass grooves specially for the Peterborough Massive, which quite frankly I find tedious at best and mostly boring beyond belief, but last night between acts the DJ played some really cool Jazz and other unexpected stuff like Doris Day. Now it's not something I would have chosen myself, but it was so different it made the evening somewhat special, gave it another life away from the usual stuff.
I subscribe to a Newsletter for professionals in the Music bizz. Last week they advertised a DVD entitled "How to make it in the Music Industry". I asked how do I go about obtaining a copy? The reply was as follows...
"If it's you then we post one to you, if it's not you then you buy it at Virgin or HMV."
I wrote back to tell them I was me. So they sent me the DVD for free. It's a triple DVD full of little nuggets of information on how to make it. Unfortunately the subject matter was all DJ Shaggy shagtastic and his down town crew, MC Mo diddly, DJ spiffy, DJ Fuck off you bastard I'm bored, you get the picture. The third DVD features an hour long bonus track of DJ's rapping an moving with the groovin. I fell asleep. But in between these DJ types shouting "Yo" and "Younoworrimeeen innit" there's some useful advice. The most important being "You've got to be better than the next guy." Hey I can't argue with that. Posted by Picasa


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