Saturday, March 04, 2006

Missing the Money Shot

So I'm at the Met Lounge working for the Evening Telegraph photographing Sheffield Band Milburn, I'm feeling rather shit because I've got manflu, but I carry on. Milburn are pretty good and the crowd are rocking. Unfortunately some young wag in the audience thinks it a hoot to throw beer at the band. When the beer comes complete with accompanying can, the lead guitarist (guy in light blue shirt)has had enough and launches himself over the crowd barrier to "discuss" the matter pugilistically with the young gentleman, punches are thrown and the guitarist has his shirt ripped off his back. It's all over very quickly when the crombie brigade wade in and drag said young gentleman out of the building.
Ten minutes later the editor of the the paper rushes up to me.
"Please tell me you got shots of the fight."
"You didn't?"
"I messed up didn't I?"
"We could have sold those pictures to NME. Got a packet. That was your money shot."
I've learnt a big lesson.

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